This is how LinkedIn can benefit your career

– 4 tips from IME to get you started (1 out of 5 videos)

This is how you create a professional impression and get more  enquiries via LinkedIn.

In  conjunction with Morten Vium from Viummedia, a Danish lecturer who coaches and advises on how best to use LinkedIn, IME has produced a series of videos explaining how to get maximum benefit from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the worlds’ largest professional network, operating with over 433 Million members in 200 countries worldwide, of which over 100+ Million registered members in Asia Pacific and 107+ Million users in Europe. LinkedIn is used for networking and information sharing, not to mention recruitment. 66% of private companies with more than 250 personnel report that they used LinkedIn for their last recruitment.

This is the first out of 5 videos in total:

  1. This is how LinkedIn can benefit your career
  2. Good start with LinkedIn – Easy pickings
  3. Optimise your profile and become more visible
  4. How best to update your status (and avoid distraction)?
  5. How to become an authority in your field and strengthen your personal brand


We hope these will inspire you to get started and optimise your profile

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