IME With Morten Vium - LinkedIn
IME with Morten Vium - LinkedIn

Get your profile right from the start

– Optimise your profile – be more visiable (3 out of 5 videos)

We continue with the third video in the LinkedIn series, produced in cooperation with Morten Vium, an advisor and coach in the use of LinkedIn.

In the third (out of five) LinkedIn video below you will learn how to build up your profile so that it becomes more visible and raises credibility.

In case you’ve missed the first two videos, you can find them below.

  1. This is how LinkedIn can benefit your career
  2. Good start with LinkedIn – Easy pickings
  3. Optimise your profile and become more visible
  4. How best to update your status (and avoid distraction)?
  5. How to become an authority in your field and strengthen your personal brand

We hope these will inspire you to get started and optimise your profile.



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